Kevin Megison

I obtained my BA degree in Applied Art/Advertising Design from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. 

My path was forged and my journey began as a production artist, designer and illustrator. It was during the formative years at university that I first recognized a connection with and attraction to art in the abstract. 

 After four decades of meeting deadlines, working within the constraints of agency and corporate style guidelines, I am finally free to work at my own pace and enjoy the ride as I move forward on this journey. It is a journey to a place that speaks from the heart. 

I am influenced by the works of the early masters of modern art: Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko and the list goes on.

I find inspiration in nature, music and from the marvelous works of contemporary artists that I encounter directly, or through social media. 

 I consider my painterly approach to fall within the abstract expressionist style. The viewer should not try to recognize people, places or things. 
To essentially let go of familiar objective labeling, perceptions and expectations. Ideally, the viewer will experience a new perspective or a new appreciation for the endless possibilities in discovery. Perhaps an exploratory view into areas not yet traveled.

 My goal is to share this vision and my journey.